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10 Awesome Things You Can Do When You Win $20 Million

If you win the lottery, you can basically do anything you want. Do you have some crazy idea you’ve always dreamed of? Want to build an amusement park in your backyard? Or take a space vacation? You must be in it to WIN it. Play Washington's Lottery and anything is possible!

  • 1. Joust In Armor With Your Friends

  • 2. Quit Your Job With Style

  • 3. Create An Underwater Restaurant

  • 4. Bling Out Your Cat

  • 5. Host Your Own Giant Robot Cage Fight

  • 6. Build A Roller Coaster In Your Backyard

  • 7. Take A Trip To Space

  • 8. Buy Your Own Sperm Whale Shaped Private Island

  • 9. Hire Your Favorite '80s Hair Metal Band To Act As Your Musical Entourage

  • 10. Hold Your Own Drag Race With The Batmobile And KITT From Knight Rider