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People Share The Things They Learned In College That They Didn't Expect To

They didn’t know they’d learn these things in college when they enrolled, but they’re really glad they know these things as adults.

1. Acknowledging you have to go get it for yourself.

2. Discovering the merits of fine cooking...

3. ...and the merits of simple cooking.

4. Getting used to life with roommates.

5. Valuing time for yourself.

6. Understanding what laziness costs you.

7. Coming out of your shell and learning to lead.

8. Finally grasping just how good your parents are.

9. Discovering the value of seeing the world — but not all of the world.

10. Realizing a second impression can be worth more than the first.

What you learn both inside and outside the classroom in college will change you and stick with you long after you graduate. Helping students succeed and discover happiness in life is a benefit beyond graduation that sets Washington College apart. You're gonna love this place!

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