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Top 10 countries to emigrate to

If the thought of Donald Trump running the country has made you want to run to the hills, and beyond. Don’t worry, research carried out by the Nomad Passport Index has given us the top 10 places to emigrate to. Most offer dual citizenship, so you can come and go as you please. Nomad have kindly done all the hard work for you by ranking each country based on 5 elements including visa-free travel, reputation, tax and overall freedom to help you decide which country is best to apply for citizenship.

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10. Luxembourg

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Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world and has the highest minimum wage in Europe. Citizens enjoy high levels of personal freedom and can travel to 172 countries without a visa.

9. Switzerland

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According to the World Health Authority, Swiss citizens live the longest in the world, 2nd only to Japan. Swiss passport holders benefit from dual citizenship and access to 172 countries.

7. Germany

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Known for making the best beer in the world, Germans also enjoy the greatest level of visa-free travel, a German passport will let you into 176 countries without any bother. Colleges are free to attend for citizens and even Internationals.

6. Finland

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Finland has the least corrupt government in the world and according to Reader’s Digest, its citizens are the most honest. Finnish citizens enjoy visa-free travel to 175 countries, and have the world’s coolest passports, which double up as a flipbook of a walking moose.

5. Ireland

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There’s good reason why Google, Facebook and Apple have their European HQs here. An Irish passport allows the freedom to travel to 172 countries as well as free movement around the European Union. Irish citizens are ranked amongst the most well liked citizens in the world.

4. Italy

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The food, the climate, the wine – what’s not to love about this idyllic country. According to Nomad, the Italian passport is one of the best in the world; Italian citizens enjoy stress-free travel to 175 countries as well as allowing dual citizenship.

3. Spain

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Spanish property prices are very low at the time of writing, offering great investment opportunities. Spain allows dual citizenship, free movement across Europe and visa-free access to 175 countries.

2. Belgium

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Famous for their chocolate, castles and billiard balls (who knew!), Belgians are also renowned for their open attitude toward other cultures. Citizens enjoy free movement around the European Union and visa-free access to 174 countries globally.

1. Sweden

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And deservedly in the number 1 slot is Sweden, where colleges are free, everyone is beautiful, and to top it; Swedish citizens have an excellent reputation abroad. As a passport holder you can visit 176 countries without a visa, hold dual or multiple citizenships and have high levels of personal freedom. See the full list of countries included in the Nomad Passport Index. The index shows the value of citizenship in each country.

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