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8 Things You Need To Know About C-Sections

Around 1 in 4 pregnant women will end up having a caesarean birth, yet the topic is barely covered in anti-natal classes. So here are some of the best things to get you prepared.

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1. You'll need big undies

Will my bum look big in this? / Via

The c-section incision will literally be right above your pubes, i.e. where 'normal-sized' knickers sit, so get yourself some great big fat granny pants to cover that healing scar, otherwise it will rub and scratch.

2. You have to learn to walk again

Walk like a zombie / Via

The epidural, or spinal block, wears off really slowly, usually around 12-16 hours. Although you get the feeling back in your legs, they'll still be heavy as hell. That plus major abdominal surgery means you'll walk like a zombie for the next few days.

3. You'll have to pee via a tube


You'll be numb from the armpits down and you cannot move your legs. You won't be able to get up and pee for about 14 hours, so you'll be peeing through a tube without even knowing it. Thankfully you won't feel the catheter going in, but it will feel strange and tickley when they remove it. It's also fun seeing all the nurses happy when you do your first pee.

4. You won't poo for at least 4 days

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Constipation after surgery is normal. However, you've also just had your stomach muscles cut into. You can't even fart, let alone poo! Bring some laxatives, and walk around when you can to get things, err, moving. When you do finally go it's going to hurt. Your stomach muscles won't be working properly yet. But, man, it'll feel so good when the job is done.

5. You might want to shave

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Let's face it, you can't even see your muff when you're pregnant, so you're hardly going to bother keeping everything tidy. If you're having an elective c-section, you'll be lucky enough to have time to prepare and shave. But don't worry if you haven't, they'll use an electric shaver to beat a path for the surgeons.

6. You won't be able to lift your baby

Giphy / Via

For the first few hours you won't even have the strength to lift your baby, so if you're on your own press that bell whenever you need to so that the nurses can pass you your baby. Once you can sit up properly by yourself you'll be fine.

It can take up to two months to get your strength back in your core, so go easy on yourself.

7. The overhang

The belly smile / Via

Nobody tells you about the overhang! Most women have a slight overhang after having a baby, but the c-section scar tightens the skin around it, which makes the overhang more prominent. It will look like your belly's smiling, but hey, it made a beautiful baby right there inside it, so learn to love it.

8. It's major surgery!

C-section scar / Via

It's easy to take for granted that a Caesarean section is actually major surgery. The obstetrician will cut through many layers: skin, muscle, fat, the uterus and the baby's membrane. There are lots of videos of c-sections on Youtube, but if you can't face the graphic detail, this gore-free video is easy to digest.

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