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6 Cheats To Make High Heels Comfy

Heels are in this summer (did they ever go out?!). The SS17 fashion shows last month saw ultra thin stilettos, kitten heels and gigantic platforms; that would even intimidate the likes of Lady Gaga.

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There’s no denying it, us women love high heels; they make us feel sexy, powerful and fashionable, but all this comes with a price. Thankfully these genius high heel hacks will sweep you off your aching feet, and make walking in this season’s stilettos feel like floating on air.

1. Stretch them out and break them in / Via

There are many leather stretch products that you just spray inside and outside your shoes to stretch them, and depending on the softness of the leather, some shoes will end up literally moulding to your feet. But the best way to stretch them is to wear them with socks, then walk around the house for a few hours. You’ll actually be on-trend! This season’s favourite style, as loved by Taylor Swift, is twinning ankle socks with strappy heels.

2. Wear comfort inserts

Heelho / Via

There are so many comfort inserts on the market, but there’s nothing like these ultra-comfy cushioning pads by Heelho, which have a special indentation that offloads pressure from that troublesome sore spot in the ball of the foot. The inspiration for their unique design came from seeing how pressure wounds were treated in nursing homes. The pads are highly discreet so can be worn with this summer’s peep-toe kitten sandals.

3. Go shoe shopping in the evening

Firerank / Via

It makes perfect sense. Your feet are at their most swollen by late afternoon/early evening. So it’s the best time to try heels on. If they hurt you when your feet are already tired, they’re likely to be hell after a whole day’s wear. You’ll end up with a much better fit this way, and a more comfortable pair of shoes.

4. Change the way you walk

Youtube / Via

You don’t walk in high heels, you strut. Heels naturally change your posture, so you need to learn how to walk all over again. America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, famously demonstrates how to strut in heels in this entertaining video (skip to chapter 5 if you’re busy). Being an ex-supermodel herself, she knows what’s she talking about when it comes to strutting in heels. Manolo Blahnik famously once said “you put high heels on and you change”.

5. Go for platforms

Vogue / Via

Platforms are the ultimate heel cheat; you get the height and elongation without the elevation between the ball and heel of your foot. It’s also impossible to walk in platforms without that great swagger they give you. This season’s wearable trend also has a rounded toe, adding more comfort for your feet. Vogue predicts this summer’s trend will be embellished with rhinestones, as seen above by Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Miu Miu.

6. Try ankle straps

Wheretogetit / Via

Opt for adjustable ankle straps and buckles to stop your feet sliding forward. These will make sure your shoes fit better and help avoid any friction or rubbing that can cause blisters and discomfort. Ankle straps help your heels fit more snugly and also help you walk better; loose shoes can make you drag your feet as you stop them from falling out.

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