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6 Reasons Summer Camp Is The Best Thing E

After 10 years at Camp Agawak for Girls, I can proudly say it has shaped me into the woman I am today. It wasn't until adulthood that I realized that those blue & white games, living in a cabin with strangers (who become best friends), and swimming across blue lake really develop your character. Because of that, I had to make this!

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1. You learn sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is essential in life. It's important to work hard to be the best, but never get down on yourself when you lose. Camp teaches you how to work hard, want to win, and achieve your goals, as well as how to lose. All great qualities that are embedded into campers minds once they reach adulthood.

2. You become more in tune with nature

It's impossible not to be in awe of the world around you when you're in the most perfect atmosphere. Simply being in the woods, away from the busy city life and away from electronics, allows campers to appreciate the nature around them.

4. You meet life long friends

Meeting someone at such a young age and growing up with them, summer after summer, is so special. Being that you can't spend every day with this friend, there's a special bond. They're you're support forever. And when you get back to camp as adults...well thats the absolute best! Check out these Agawak Alumnae singing together like they did their first summer!

5. You learn to be comfortable with who you are


It's easy to get into your head and fear what other people think of you, but going to summer camp, everything changes, and suddenly you can dance like no one is watching.

6. You learn to coexist

You may not love every person on the planet, and when you live in close quarters, fights arise, but camp teaches you how to deal react to a situation that isn't necessarily ideal. Camp doesn't only teach you respect, but also opens your mind to a whole new friendship. My favorite is that I once went from hating my cabin mate, to coexisting, to requesting were in the same cabin forever because we're now life long friends.

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