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6 Things You Feel When You Have An Amputation

What I learned when I was separated from my finger

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1. The Pain

You probably think the pain would be unbearable, but, it isn't. In the beginning, its not that bad, but after a few minutes, you begin to be in a state of pain, and after a few hours, you begin to be in a state of agony. The pain doesn't stop, and there's nothing you can do about it. It doesn't sting or burn, it just hurts. It doesn't really bleed or throb, all you feel is pain. I didn't get any painkillers either, because that's cheating. Oh, and if you do get an amputation, don't look at it or you'll faint.

2. Is This Real?

Your brain will take several long seconds to actually process the idea that you are not a complete human being; despite the fact that you can see part of yourself on the floor. Even when you wake up the next day, you'll forget that you are, in fact, missing that little piece of yourself, thinking that it didn't really happen. It's not that it's a serious injury, its all in your head.

3. I Can Still Feel It

Yeah, you can. Even after it falls off, it still feels as if it's still there. It is weird when you can feel a body part, then look for it and realize that it's not there. This adds to #2 because if you can feel it, then it should be there. These ghost like sensations take days to completely go away.

4. Is It Going To Grow Back?

You're first thought is weather or not it will grow back. This is a terrifying question, because you do not want people to know you as the person with missing body parts. When you arrive at the hospital, and the doctor will tell you if it is repairable or not. You will start to prey that the doctor says 'yes' because if he doesn't, well, I don't know, mine said yes.

5. My Career As A Hand Model

All my dreams of modeling fake Rolex's are completely shattered. You will never again have perfect hands, and you can never be a perfect person ever again. Even after you get surgery, it still looks weird and nothing will ever change that. Even you're cuticles look awkward.

6. What You Can't Do

Even after everything becomes reattached, you are still not done suffering. You can never again throw a football, or even clip your nail. You have to take 10 minutes to carefully file it down. You can't make a tight fist, or use your pocket, or even allow your finger to get hurt in any way. You can barely type on the computer. You are also terrified of anything that could cause another amputation, such as doors or saws. Although, you do have something to write about in school papers.

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