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10 Reasons Miles Teller And Jonah Hill Are Killing It In "War Dogs"

The story of two young dudes hustling in America to get that dollar (by landing a multimillion-dollar weapons contract!). Based on a true story. Catch War Dogs now playing in theaters! Advertisement

1. They might seem polite on the surface.

2. But there's more than meets the eye.

3. They can come off a little strong.

4. (OK, really strong.)

5. But the game is the game.

6. Sure, sometimes they get lucky...

7. ...but they DO have an eerie sixth sense about things.

8. And an undoubtedly ~American~ perspective on the world. ;)

9. Right or wrong, at least their love is pure.

10. Just two guys hustling and living the American Dream.

All images courtesy of Warner Bros.

Watch Jonah Hill and Miles Teller get dat money in War Dogs, now playing in theaters!

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