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5 Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Landscape Designer

It doesn’t matter if you have considered some landscapers, if you don’t ask them the right questions before hiring, you will not be happy with the result. Since landscape design is not something that can be exchanged or replaced if you are not happy, you need to ensure you find the right fit when it comes to selecting a landscape designer. This will allow you to avoid any surprises halfway through the project and enable you to get your landscape designed according to your needs.

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Some of the top questions to ask before hiring a landscape designer are:

1.What services do you provide?

First things first, when you have considered one of the best landscapers in Calgary, you need to know exactly what services the landscape designer can offer to you. Some landscape designers specialize in the design process, which involves conducting a site analysis, discussing the needs of the client, making a preliminary design, doing revisions based on the client’s feedback and eventually a final and detailed plan for the garden. You are the provided with the document that you can give to your landscape contractor. Some designers, on the other hand, are also registered contractors and can also build the design they create.

2.Can you show some of your past work?

There is no harm in taking a look at the previous work done by a landscape designer because you want to check their style. It can tell you if they have designed the kind of garden you are looking for. Even if their portfolio doesn’t comprise of the design you want, you need to take a look at their credentials to see if they have the training to make your garden a reality. Memberships in professional organizations and degrees from accredited landscape design colleges are great indicators.

3.Do you offer consultations?

Some landscape designers offer consultations during which they take a look at your property, walk around with you, listen to what you want and bounce around some ideas while offering you an estimate of the costs involved. This gives you a great opportunity to assess if the designer fits in with your ideas and is willing to listen to you.

4.What is your process?

It is better to be aware beforehand about what to expect when the landscape designer starts to work for you. Will they oversee the different steps or will it be your responsibility? How much time will they take in the installation? Will they consult with you before taking a major step? You need to know how your landscape design will proceed and whether you like it or not.

5.What will it cost?

You also need to ask the landscape designer about the cost. The estimated cost of the design and the installation needs to be communicated clearly to ensure there are no additional costs involved later on. You can also ask the designer if there is a possible way of reducing costs like different materials that can be used etc.

Ask these questions and you will make the right choice when hiring a landscape designer.

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