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7 Travel Accounts You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Who doesn’t get an overwhelming sense of wanderlust looking at photos of unreal beaches, breathtaking landscapes and exciting new cities on Instagram? If you're in a consistent state of Instalust make sure to add these 7 travel accounts to your daily swipe session. They might not have millions of followers yet, but they’re going to be the next big thing!

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Greta's Travels

@gretastravels / Via

Greta of the very originally named @gretastravels, is a much better videographer than she is at creating blog names. She's Italian but has been living in London for five years, and escapes the office whenever she gets a chance. You will probably find her en-route to a hot country, having fun on a beach or exploring the local cuisines, all the while filming the experience and sharing it on Instagram and YouTube!

The Kiwi Couple

@thekiwicouple / Via

Rachel and Jeremy are the adventurous @thekiwicouple, that have been gallivanting the globe for the past 11 months, snapping breathtaking images, creating inspiring videos and befriending every cat whom crosses their path.

Seven Day Weekender

@sevendayweekender / Via Instagram: @sevendayweekender

Lindsey of @sevendayweekender has always had an innate sense of wanderlust. Never wanting to settle she left her roots on the West Coast and landed in The Big Apple. When she's not working her 9-to-5 you can find this Brazilian-born American sharing uber-colorful photos of her epic adventures on her blog and Instagram!

Stoked To Travel

@stokedtotravel / Via Instagram: @stokedtotravel

Claire, of @stokedtotravel, has managed to travel to more than fifty countries so far and has lived in four, including Australia and Ghana. When she’s not falling in love with puppies around London, she’s forever planning the next trip and doing her best to rack up more passport stamps, epic photos and new friends!

She Who Wanders

@shewho_wanders / Via Instagram: @shewho_wanders

Laura of @shewho_wanders has been wandering near & far for the last 6 years. A Canadian in passport but a lover of the world she has called both Australia & New Zealand home in the last several years. Her wanders have taken her to the smallest towns of Nicaragua where she surfed down an active volcano, to the ever tropical islands of Hawaii, to the mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies. Be sure to keep up with her on her next wanders to the U.K

From Here To Sunday

@fromheretosunday / Via Instagram: @fromheretosunday

Monica, @FromHereToSunday, discovered the nomadic life a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. She lives out of a suitcase and enjoys living life on the road. She's usually around the world chasing the sun and shares her adventures on her blog and Instagram!

Ohio Girl Travels

@ohiogirltravels / Via Instagram: @ohiogirltravels

Heather of @ohiogirltravels, is a small-town Midwestern girl with a passion for books, dogs, motorcycle trips, travel and wine. Whether she is gallivanting the globe, exploring the United States or discovering hidden gems in her home state of Ohio, she shares all her adventures on her blog and Instagram!

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