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    7 Benefits Of Baby Led Weaning

    When you are a parent, the most important thing about your baby is the feeding. Every mom wants to make sure a good health of her baby. You need to follow a healthy routine for your child feed. There are some particular methods to feed a baby. Baby Led Weaning is also a way to add complimentary foods to baby’s diet of breastmilk for good health. Though there is no alternative of the breastmilk, after the age of six months, it is needed to feed something extra to your baby. Here I am sharing what are the benefits of food for Baby Led Weaning.

    1. Learning About Food / Via

    When you are baby feed himself/herself, learn about different things about food, like the taste of the food, smell, texture, and different food flavors. When you feed with a spoon, the baby can’t recognize the foods individually. But baby Len weaning teaches the kid how to separate different foods, and it makes the taste of the baby.

    2. It's Natural

    Children are programmed to do new things in his childhood. They use the mouth and hands to taste different objects including foods. A child can investigate sustenance at her particular pace and take after her senses to eat when she's prepared with the baby led weaning.

    3. Natural Motion of Babies Mouth

    Our mouth is specially designed to take foods. Breastfeeding doesn’t make a habit of proper motion of the mouth. Babies drink milk almost in a chewing motion, and this is not the same in the case of bottle feeding. Breastfeeding teaches about the chewing process, but the Baby Led Weaning to teach the baby to chew, swallow and take the food in properly.

    4. Learning about their world

    Human learns the best lessons in the childhood. A child learns from everything that exists around him/her. Usually, we try to teach the babies with the educational toys, but they also learn from taking food. They learn how to hold something soft without squashing. They also learn how to deal with different weighs of objects.

    5. Gaining Confidence

    When you allow your baby to do something himself/herself, it will give confidence to the baby. They also learn about judgment and how to take a decision. For example, when the baby takes food and tastes it, he/she learns that if anyone wants then anything is possible to win. It also helps the baby to discover new interesting things. Thus, the personality of the baby builds up.

    6. Trusting Food / Via

    Your baby will learn to trust on food. When a parent allows the baby to take whatever he wants, he can take the right one which is needed for him. They occasionally refuse food and love to taste different foods at the same time. You will surprisingly see that the baby is trying new foods to be sure what are safe and what are not.

    7. No Need of Any Tricks

    Parents who feed the baby with spoon find that the baby is not interested in taking different types of food and need some tricks to feed the baby. But with Baby Led Weaning, there is no need of any trick or toys to feed the baby.

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