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11 Books Washington Insiders Need To Start Writing Right Now

Time to get started!!

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1. Should Have Called Vin Diesel: The Untold Story of Operation Fast and Furious

2. The Other Bo: A Portuguese Water Dog with a Dark Side

3. Benghazi: That's a Thing, Right?

4. Santorum: The Case for Urban Dictionary

Read if you dare

Read if you dare

5. Killing O'Reilly: The End of the Historical Murder-Porn Genre

6. Godel Escher Bush: I Guess We Can Call Him an Artist

7. The Clintons: Because Kimye Wouldn't Return My Phone Calls

8. The Search for the Fountain of Youth: The College Years of Bobby Jindal

9. The Evolution of Finger Guns: The Joe Biden Story

10. I Know What You Did Last Summer: The Infamous Chris Christie Donut Binge

11. The Brothers Emanuel

Apparently it's a real thing

Apparently it's a real thing

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