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16 Reasons To Put "Zootopia" On Your Bucket List

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags already! Plan your trip to the mammal metropolis that is Disney's Zootopia, in cinemas March 17.

1. Hello, human friends! Firstly, welcome to Disney's Zootopia.

2. It's a true ~multicultural~ metropolis, home to all mammals great and small.

3. Even predators and prey get along!

4. In case you haven't already noticed, the scenery is INCREDIBLE.

5. It's easy to get around too, thanks to Zootopia's public transport system. You could take the customised train...

6. ...or just jump in the tube!

7. You like sports? Well, you're in luck. You could play a spot of volleyball...

8. ...practise your downward dog...

9. ...or head out for a jog. Whatever tickles your fancy.

How rude of us – we haven't even offered you refreshments. Here, have a freshly squeezed juice.

And maybe a doughnut too.

10. Right, where were we...? Oooooo sloths. Did we mention Zootopia has sloths?


12. And how could we forget about the elephant-sized ice creams?!

13. You want culture? It's got that too! Meet the resident pop star, Gazelle.

14. You can treat yourself to a spot of shopping.

15. Or head to the cinema to check out one of these Hollywood blockbusters:

16. So, what are you waiting for? HOP to it! (Get it?!)

All images supplied by The Walt Disney Company Australia.

Book your ticket to Disney's Zootopia, in cinemas March 17. We can't wait to see you there.

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