Michelle Walsh
Just completed my studies and now i am all set to start my career in the field of dentistry. In the meantime, I like to make research and write blogs about different issues related to oral health.
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  • A New Means To Find Cavities Early

    Often, many different forms of dental technology are there in order to help you find and alleviate any problems. One of the newest developments, and one that many dentists have, is the DiagnoDent. This is a machine that will help you find early cavities that are developing, allowing the dentist to help save the tooth with the least amount of invasive procedures. While it is a device that is pretty new, there are many benefits and great things that have already been found with this tool. It will help you find these cavities before you need root canals and extractions, which can really benefit not only the dentists, and the patients as well.

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