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20 Things That Are Too Canadian To Handle

Canada's a pretty great place, eh? Celebrate being Canadian with Walmart, enjoying 20 years in Canada.

1. Going for a casual canoe ride:

2. Delightful, delightful poutine:

3. Helpful washroom signs:

4. These wonderfully bubbly chocolate bars:


6. Adorable polar bears:

7. Cans of maple syrup:

8. Maple toffee / la tire made the right way...

9. ...although you'll settle for anything:

10. Mounties, of course:

11. This method of refrigeration:

12. Aurora borealis:

13. Donuts and coffee from Timmies:

14. This method of passing beer:

15. Beautiful currency:

16. Important news stories:

Bear takes nap on SaskPower pole:

17. Nanaimo bars:

18. Being sorry about everything:

19. Getting stuck in traffic on the way to work:

20. And free universal health care: