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When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking, Walmart’s Ready To Eat Meals Make Dinner Easy Peasy

It’s like waving a magic wand and *poof* there’s dinner.

Some days you're ready to cook up that four-course meal you saw on your favorite cooking show, and other days you wish you could snap your finger and have a delicious dinner waiting on the table. Well, the next time you need a yummy meal made without having to deal with all the work, check out Walmart's Ready To Eat meals.

Check out some of the tasty things you can find:

1. A tomato bisque soup to heat up on the next chilly day. This, plus your couch and best blanket, will become your new best friend.

Bowl of tomato bisque soup styled on a table

2. A chicken bacon ranch sub you can quickly toast up to get that ooey gooey cheese. *films cheese pull*

Marketside grab-and-go sub styled on a plate with chips

3. An easy-to-make chicken piccata with the entire works. Just pair it with some angel hair pasta and add a salad kit to make it a complete meal!

Michael Angelo's meal starter chicken piccata

4. An avocado ranch salad made with seasoned white chicken meat, pepper jack cheese (the king of cheeses, let's be honest), and a creamy dressing. This = everything you want in a salad.

The salad in the container it comes in styled on a table with a fork and side dressing

5. A thin-crust southwest chicken flatbread that is just a speedy oven trip away. Preheat your oven, pop in for 15 minutes, and this heavenly flatbread is all yours.

The flatbread styled out on a cutting board next to cups of cheese, salsa, and chicken

6. A ginger garlic stir-fry kit and beef roast that'll go so well together, it just might become a regular in your dinner rotation. Just don't forget to grab some Minute white rice!

7. A chicken Parmesan and penne pasta for a cozy dinner that is nothing short of the comfort food you've been craving.

Great Value chicken parmesan pasta styled on a plate with cheese

8. A chicken tortilla soup here to make your next meal easy and simple. Take the extra step and add tortilla strips on top and bada bing bada boom, dinner is ready!

Bowl of tortilla soup styled on a table

9. A single-serve Stouffer's lasagna because you can't ever go wrong with a classic. Need to feed the entire fam? Grab the family size!

Box of Stouffer's lasagna

10. An Italian herb hero that'll be the ~hero~ of dinner — aka give you a filling meal that requires zero work on your part. A true hero indeed.

The hero styled on a table

11. Good ol' beef fajitas that are sliced and seasoned for you so there's minimal work here, folks. Add with an onion and pepper blend (again, diced up for you!) and some tortillas — easy peasy.

Package of John Soules beef fajita strips

12. A chopped salad kit with all the salad must-haves: romaine lettuce, green and red cabbage, kale, carrots, green onions, sunflower seeds, and bacon crumbles. The icing on the cake, er, salad? A sweet onion dressing.

The salad kit put together in a bowl and styled on a table

13. A chicken spicy mustard wrap you can grab and go if you're REAAAALLLY not up for any cooking. This'll happily fill in for dinner.

Marketside wrap in packaging

14. And a double sausage, egg, and cheese muffin because breakfast for dinner is always a good idea!

The muffin heated up and styled on a plate

All of these yummy meals and ingredients are available at Walmart, but if you can't get to the store, Walmart's pickup & delivery service is here to make life even easier. Shop all of the things you need online (keep in mind there is a $35 minimum), and then pick it up curbside or select delivery for an extra, small fee.

Walmart's professional shoppers pick out high-quality foods and ingredients with 100% Freshness Guaranteed, so if there's anything you're not satisfied with, just contact customer care to get your money back. Happy cooking!

Whipping up something on those what do I make for dinner kind of nights just got a whole lot easier.