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14 Things From Walmart To Help You Hack The Perfect Holiday Meal

The only thing you’ll want from Santa is stretchy pants after chowing down on your homemade feast.

Volunteering to host a holiday can be rather daunting, but it doesn't have to be! You can substitute many parts of your meal with easy-to-make options and even order all of the ingredients from Walmart Grocery.

Still need help? Download the Tasty app for iOS and shop recipes directly — specifically Tasty's holiday bundles. You can *add to cart* the ingredients you need to whip up a meal's worth of delicious dishes, and you can pick up your groceries from a Walmart store or have them shipped to you. Could it get any easier? Now that's some serious holiday magic.

1. Instant mashed potatoes, so delicious your family won't realize you didn't spend an hour mashing them yourself.

2. Brown gravy with onion flavoring you'll want to drown all of your food in — it's just that delicious.

3. An easy-to-use glass baster to ensure your turkey will have a delicate, golden crust that'll impress even your most critical grandparent.

4. Whole berry cranberry sauce, because who wants to waste their time boiling a bag of berries in sugar when there's already a tried-and-true option you can just open up and place on the table?

5. Precut cans of green beans you can simply open and serve or add a little of your own flair to for a perfect (and healthy) side dish option.

6. A meat thermometer so you don't have to guess whether the inside of your holiday bird is cooked to the right temperature while you're trying to juggle whipping up six other components to your "perfect" meal.

7. Premade icing to top off any desserts you choose to whip up this season. If you want to eat some right out of the tube while you're waiting for the cookies to bake, we won't judge.

8. Stylish ceramic bakeware to dress up even the simplest of dishes. The ruffled edges and floral design definitely say "special occasion," so your mom can't accuse you of not making an effort plating the meal.

9. Brown rice you can make in a mere 10 minutes for a tasty side dish that'll appear fancier than it really is. You're killing this holiday cooking game!

10. Classic apple fie filling, which will help you whip up an award-worthy pie with minimal stress. There are instructions right on the can!

11. And a premade crust you can literally just pour your favorite pie filling into, and then kick your feet up as you wait for your guests to arrive.

12. A Crock-Pot slow cooker to help you make a bunch of bulk recipes for your friends and family while you simultaneously clean the bathroom and dining room (aka only the areas your guests will see).

13. An extra-large countertop convection oven that'll let you cook multiple pieces of your meal while your turkey is cooking in your full-sized oven. You're welcome.

14. And Rubbermaid storage containers to fill with bountiful leftovers you'll likely eat for the following week.

All you have left to do now is place your Walmart Grocery order, choose what recipe you want to shop via the Tasty app for iOS, add those Tasty Holiday Bundle ingredients to cart, take a deep breath, and get into the holiday spirit!

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