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So Your Fave Player Just Switched To A Different Team? We Can Help!

Walmart has got you covered...literally, with gear for your favorite basketball player.

It can be REALLY painful when your most beloved player switches to a new team after you've invested years (and probs part of your soul) in the one they've been playing for this entire time.

Truly exasperating. Feel free to scream "WHYYYYYY" in the privacy of your own home — no judgments here.

While you may need to change your team news mobile alerts, you won't have to worry about grabbing new gear. Walmart has tons of basketball gear to make sure you can support your #1 — no matter who they're playing for.

1. A Golden State Warriors T-shirt in honor of D'Angelo Russell, because he's about to be a major asset to the West Coast team.

2. A Philadelphia 76ers sweatshirt that'll keep you feeling nice and cozy while you chow down on a cheesesteak and shout "advice" at All-Star Al Horford.

3. A Biggie-inspired Brooklyn Nets jersey you can buy to hold you over until Kevin Durant makes his team debut.

4. Or a Brooklyn Nets tee to pair with your excitement that Kyrie Irving is joining the squad.

5. A Kawhi Leonard tee you can wear while cheering him and the rest of the Clippers on the next time you're in Los Angeles.

6. Or a shirt with Ja Morant's face on it that'll really show the world how proud you are to have this rookie on your team.

7. A Klay Thompson jersey to upgrade the one you already own because (WOOHOO!) he re-signed with the Warriors.

8. A Miami Heat long-sleeve, perfect for throwing on in a hurry when you're running late but still want to watch Jimmy Butler ~do his thing~ with fellow fans.

9. A simple New York Knicks tee that'll give you another reason to smile other than the fact they drafted RJ Barrett as a third-round pick.

10. A Clippers jersey that might just become your good luck charm now that Paul George will be making a big move from the Midwest!

11. Or a Celtics jacket to help you channel the ~luck of the Irish~ now that Kemba Walker has signed on to play in Boston.

12. A Tobias Harris jersey you can really commit to wearing all the time now that he's decided to stick with the 76ers this season.

13. An Indiana Pacers T-shirt for your kiddo who is obsessed with point guard Malcom Brogdon and would follow him to ANY team in the country.

14. And a New Orleans Pelicans V-neck, because as soon as they signed powerhouse Zion Williamson they became a must-watch team.

Let us know if your fave player was just traded and if you're going to buy merch to keep supporting them in the comments below!