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14 Things From Walmart To Make Dinner In 30 Minutes Or Less

Dinner served in 5...4...3…2...done and delicious.

Making dinner doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process. Actually, with your rollercoaster schedule, it kind of can't be 🎢🤷🏿‍♀️. Luckily, Walmart’s pickup & delivery service is how you can get shopping done and easily snag stuff for a done-in-30 meal!

Oh and the best part?! While you're picking up dinner, you can also grab a ton of other household items just like you would when you visit our one-stop-shop stores.

It's nearly the same experience — just 100% contactless — and it'll all be ordered from the comforts of your bed or couch. The faster you get your stuff ordered and in your home, the faster you can get dinner done. You can even enjoy free, same-day pickup when you order before 3 p.m.

1. A taco dinner kit so you can have Taco Tuesday fun any day of the week.

The taco kit

2. Fresh-sliced ham for those nights when you and the family could really go for sub sandwiches at a gourmet level.

Round honey ham from Sara Lee

3. A frozen pepper and onion blend that'll be super easy to sauté and toss into a number of different meals including stir-fry, soup, stew, quick curry, omelets, and more.

The bag of peppers with chopped-up peppers beside it

4. A grilled chicken and broccoli Alfredo dinner for nights when you want to heat up something veggie- and protein-packed — and quickly.

The grilled chicken and Alfredo meal

5. Shrimp! There are so many quick shrimp meals you could create including shrimp scampi and the world-famous shrimp and grits. They're so easy to season and cook quickly that you'll blink and they'll be plated on your table.

6. Grits to go with your shrimp in case you get the taste for one of the most beloved (and quickest) Southern brunch dishes.

Carton of grits from Quaker

7. Grilled chicken strips you can use to populate your salads, pasta, and sandwiches, or to eat alone with rice or your favorite sauce and some French fries.

Bag of Tyson chicken strips

8. Hot dogs, because there's never a wrong night for you and the family to eat these for dinner, especially if you can grill them.

Hot dogs in buns with different toppings like lettuce, rosemary, mustard, purple cabbage, corn, and more. These are, um, creative options.

9. Plates, you know, since if you're low on time for cooking, then you're likely also not trying to wash a million dishes after dinner. It's covered!

10. Real bacon bits because this is a promise: These can be sprinkled on a variety of your quick-made meals and your taste buds will thank you for it, big time.

Pack of bacon pieces on a table next to a salad, napkin, and fork

11. Or tofu if you want a meat substitute for your salads, stir-fry, or other meals.

12. A baby greens salad to quickly fancy up with your favorite toppings and dressings.

The bowl of salad

13. Storage bowls to put away sandwich fixings or any other dinner leftovers you'd like to keep fresh in the fridge.

Bowl of salad with a lid on top

14. A candle. Yes, you still deserve a candlelight dinner no matter how fast you cooked or microwaved it. And they'll deliver it or pack it for you to pick up along with your groceries.

A sandalwood- and rose-scented candle with four wicks

This is you standing in the kitchen preparing to make a meal with the ingredients and other things you barely had to lift a finger to get.

Enjoy shopping for all your groceries and additional daily needs with the Walmart's pickup & delivery service.

Also, remember that $35 minimum and the small delivery fee. Walmart's pickup & delivery is available in select markets so be sure to input your address to check for it in your area.