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18 Things From Walmart That'll Satisfy Your Family When You Don't Really Feel Like Cooking

Because dinner doesn't have to take hours to prepare.

Even the most kitchen-savvy home cooks love the ease of a meal that's done in under 40 minutes. Except, that's kinda hard to do when you're running low on energy or your family members always seem to make themselves scarce when it's time for someone to help slice the veggies and prepare the sauces and seasoning blends.

A Walmart storefront showing the Walmart logo

But did you know that a quick trip to Walmart for their Ready to Heat and Ready to Eat items can solve your tedious home cooking woes? Like, instead of spending extra time to wash and chop your lettuce and grill some chicken strips, you can simply buy a done-for-you chicken Caesar salad bowl from Walmart for a complete and delicious lunch.

A Caesar salad with lettuce, cheese, and chicken bits

Or if you're slammed between errands and need to get something in your system quickly, you can combine that cup of microwaveable rice with some leftover chicken and have a filling meal in a minute — no waiting for the rice to boil on the stove and no cleanup!

A bowl of brown and wild rice on a table

But wait!! What if your kids have been singing about pizza for dinner all day, but come dinnertime, no one feels like helping you shape the dough or grate the cheese? Nothing a frozen cauliflower crust pizza can't fix. All you have to do is pop it into the oven and prepare your taste buds for cheesy goodness.

A cheese pizza with a cauliflower crust

In case we weren't clear enough, Walmart's wide array of ready-to-use foods and ingredients are the ultimate little helpers when you're too busy to make a meal completely from scratch or when you're just not in the mood to be in the kitchen for hours on end.

But if you still aren't convinced, here are some other mouthwatering options for inspiration:

1. A pack of Jimmy Dean sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwiches so you don't have to scramble around the kitchen simultaneously flipping sausage patties and frying eggs.

Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich in between biscuits

2. This container of macaroni salad that takes all of the hard work out of your lunch. Enjoy it as a main dish or alongside a done-for-you Angus cheeseburger.

3. A Philly cheese steak calzone because making your own from scratch for lunch would take way longer than your 30-minute lunch break would allow.

The calzone filled with cheese steak, onions, green peppers, and cheese in its packaging

4. This frozen sesame chicken meal if you want a steamy, mouthwatering meal but also want to lay on the couch for an extra hour and not worry about defrosting the chicken and preparing the sauce.

The sesame chicken meal packaging showing chicken bits with noodles and peppers

5. Or a chicken and broccoli skillet meal. You're about 10 minutes away from creamy cheese sauce, perfect rice, and chicken and broccoli goodness. BTW, to make your prep work super lightweight, use precooked chicken strips instead of cooking chicken from scratch.

A skillet of rice and chicken

6. This can of Old El Paso enchilada sauce and this bag of chicken tenderloins that have already been sliced for you so you can finish making your yummy enchilada dinner a little quicker and give yourself more time to cuddle up with that book you really want to finish.

7. A family-sized frozen lasagna because between taking the kids to visit grandma, cleaning the house, and tying up loose ends at work, you're too tired to make an entire lasagna from scratch.

The lasagna with three layers of pasta

8. This premade smoked ham and cheese sandwich you'll want to stock up on because you'll soon find that preparing lunch has never been easier than just grabbing a sandwich out of the fridge and digging right in.

The ham and cheese sandwich inside its packaging

9. A container of egg salad because all you'll need to do is slap a few spoonfuls in between two slices of bread and you've got a ~delectable~ lunch or dinner in front of you. Pro tip: For breakfast, just add this in between two halves of a croissant.

The container of egg salad on a table

10. This box of frozen butterfly shrimp to help you create a delicious-looking salad. It'll totally look like you spent so much time breading the shrimp and cooking it to perfection.

Plates of cooked, breaded shrimp

11. A packet of gravy you can make using just water and a bag of red baby potatoes you can quickly steam in the microwave. Now you won't have to spend a long time over the stove making the gravy from scratch, and boiling and smashing the potatoes.

12. A meatball marinara sandwich because you're hungry now and don't have the time to shape and cook meatballs, gosh darn it.

The meatball sandwich with cheese on a plate

13. This can of sloppy joe sauce to help you make a super-hearty meal in a pan in less than 20 minutes. You might wanna grab a few extra buns because the whole family will certainly be coming back for seconds!

The sloppy joe in a pan

14. A container of potato salad to make your cooking time literally zero minutes. Just reach into the refrigerator and grab yourself a spoon!

A bowl of the potato salad on a table

15. These chicken and bacon pinwheel sandwiches for when you forgot to meal-prep the night before and now have about five minutes to decide what you can actually have for lunch.

The chicken and cheese wraps cut into four

16. A family-sized bag of chicken Parmesan and penne because your partner forgot to defrost the chicken and now it'll take hours before it's thawed enough to cook. This is literally a full meal in a bag. You just have to cook it in a pan on the stove.

The bag of chicken Parmesan and penne

17. This preportioned BLT salad bowl that'll spare you the work of washing and chopping your own lettuce, cabbage, and carrots, and cooking your own chicken.

The bowl of salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, bacon pieces, cheddar cheese, red cabbage, carrots, and avocado ranch dressing

18. And this rosemary chicken and veggie meal (that's also Whole30-friendly) for when you want something hearty, warm, and delicious, but don't want to spend time chopping vegetables or waiting for the chicken to cook.

A bowl of cooked chicken pieces and sliced asparagus

And that's not all, folks! Check out more of the Ready to Heat and Ready to Eat meals that Walmart has to offer by visiting a Walmart store near you.