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These Pantry Essentials You’re Already Eating Also Support The Fight Hunger Initiative

Spark change with the Fight Hunger campaign.

There's nothing more satisfying than coming home to a pantry stocked with some of your favorite goodies, especially after a long day that's left you hungry and tired. Unfortunately, that feeling of a stocked pantry is not something everyone gets to experience. One in every eight Americans struggles with hunger — and a lot of them are kids. But there's something we can all do to help!

Walmart has partnered with Feeding America for six years and has helped secure over 700,000,000 meals and counting. Their goal is to get to 1 billion this year — and they need your help to get there! By purchasing all your favorites (that you might have already been buying), you can help secure one meal for a person in need. It's really that simple!

Here are some of our favorites you can buy online now that'll not only help fill your pantry but will help a person struggling with hunger:

1. A family-size box of Cheez-It Baked Original Cheese Crackers perfect for those after-lunch, before-dinner snack cravings everyone gets.

2. A super-convenient Heinz Variety Pack filled with all the condiments you need to have an absolutely delicious barbecue.

3. A family-size box of Cheerios that'll make a great breakfast when your morning is a little more hectic than you anticipated — it's also probably the most popular snack among every toddler you've ever encountered.

4. A jar of Jif Natural Peanut Butter made with just five ingredients so you're getting the delicious peanut butter taste you love and nothing else.

5. A convenient Old El Paso Fajita Dinner Kit for an easy dinner where all you need to do is add the meat and/or veggies!

6. A pack of unsweetened Mott's Applesauce perfect for taking on the go so you're covered at snacktime.

7. A pack of Uncle Ben's Roasted Chicken Ready Rice, because it makes the perfect side dish to accompany whatever you decide to whip up for dinner.

8. A delicious box of ACT II Butter Lovers Popcorn for enjoying your favorite movie theater treat from the comfort of right in front of your TV.

9. A pack of Betty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salad for a flavorful side dish that's almost too perfect for all your summer favorites.

10. A canister of McCafé Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee so you can wake up to your favorite morning pick-me-up without ever having to leave your house.

11. A box of a delicious journey for your taste buds, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros, that'll totally hit the spot when your sweet tooth comes a knockin'.

12. A box of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treat Bars, which are also known as heavenly packed cubes of deliciousness you should treat yo' self to.

13. A can of Bush's Maple and Cured Bacon Baked Beans — whatever that secret family recipe is, it's amazing and hopefully they never stop making it.

14. A variety box of Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut granola bars that'll fit in your purse, in the center console of your car, or right in your front pocket so you always have something to munch on when the hanger hits.

15. A pack of Prego Italian Sauce you should 100% have a reserve of, because when you need to throw something together nothing is easier than some pasta and yummy sauce.

16. And a bottle of Pace Chunky Salsa for anyone who doesn't want to get their salsa from New York City.

Read more about the Fight Hunger campaign.

Here's to a full heart and a full belly: