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25 Practical Products Under $50 That'll Make You Feel Like More Of An Adult

A fabric steamer, an iced coffee maker, a cookware set, and more to help you adult like a pro.

Being an adult might seem hard at times but it doesn't always have to be *so* hard. You can make it a lot easier — and more fun! — with some very helpful products from Walmart.

1. A tufted pillow can make your tiny bed look and feel a little more luxurious.

pillow on a chair

2. A reversible floral comforter set so you won't feel like you have to commit to one pattern. With this, you've got options!

floral bedspread on a bed

3. A iced tea and coffee maker compact enough to fit in your tiny space so you won't have to venture out to get your favorite form of caffeine. Condolences to your fave coffee shop.

the coffee machine

4. Or an 8-pack of Starbucks nitro cold brew in vanilla sweet cream to satisfy your caffeine needs when you don't have time to brew a cup.

can of coffee

5. A smart alarm clock you can use to check the time, weather, set alarms, and even make hands-free calls. This is as close as you're getting to a personal assistant right now.

6. A ceramic bath accessory set to create a pretty, cohesive look around your bathroom sink — even if it's super small!

the three piece set

7. An easy-to-use garment steamer that'll take up less space than an iron and ironing board...because you'll eventually have to look presentable for an interview or some other occasion.

the steamer

8. A memo board you'll find some space for at your desk because sometimes seeing all your plans and assignments on something besides a screen really helps 'em stick.

whiteboard message center on a wall

9. A retro-inspired mini fridge to stylishly hold your stash of fave beverages within arm's reach. (This is also great if you're in the market for a skincare fridge.)

the mini fridge

10. A nonstick ceramic cookware set to help you finally master the art of scrambled eggs you don't have to scrape off the pan.

the cookware set

11. A gorgeous piece of wall art that already comes framed. Look at you with actually framed wall art.

wall art piece of woman

12. A Bluetooth-enabled speaker for impromptu dance parties or bringing the tunes to an outdoor hang. Now you no longer have to turn up the volume on your phone and put it in a kitchen cabinet or plastic cup to get that speaker effect.

the speaker

13. A plush beanbag chair with a bit of structure so you won't fall into it like a puddle. Plus, it has a carrying handle so you can move it around easily as you need.

model sitting on a structured beanbag chair

14. A handy power hub with four power outlets and four USB ports so worrying about finding a place to plug in your device to charge will be a thing of the past.

circular hub on desk

15. An actual 49-piece set of matching flatware instead of the random forks, spoons, and knives you've somehow collected along the way.

forks, a knife, and spoons

16. A Magic Bullet mini blender so your morning smoothie routine (or future routine!) creates one fewer dish. Not having to wash an extra glass turns out to be quite a nice way to start your day.

the blender with extra container and lid

17. A multi-piece desktop organizer with a section for basically everything you could need on your desk, like paperclips, pens, papers, the goods!

mulit-tier desk organizer

18. A lounging pillow to keep you at the perfect angle for reading.

pillow on a bed

19. A pair of wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds so you won't have to struggle with any wires when trying to block out noise and can focus on that true crime podcast you use to escape.

earbuds and the charging holder

20. A desk with ~levels~ to create all sorts of cute, open storage for your space. Psst, this is your prize succulent's new throne.

desk with three open shelves on one side

21. A Bissell 3-in-1 lightweight vacuum to make all those snack crumbs, dirt you track in, pet fur, and other bits disappear from your floors and furniture. Plus, cleaning makes for a productive distraction from other productive things.

the vacuum

22. A Swiffer WetJet Mop starter kit for an easy but oh-so-effective cleaning go-to that'll take up far less space in storage than a regular mop and bucket.

the kit

23. A small desk lamp for the smallest of spaces where you could use a little light. Stop straining those eyes!

the desk lamp

24. A clean, new microwave that didn't come with your apartment and lots of mysterious caked-on debris. It's time for a fresh start.

the microwave

25. And a 10-piece glass meal-prep set with colorful silicone sleeves to protect the glass from chips and cracks. If you're going to meal prep to save up money for future travel plans, you might as well put your food in appetizing containers as a little extra motivation.

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