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22 Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Get Your Dream Living Space

Create your dream space with these stylish and trendy must-haves for relaxing, studying, working, and everything in between.

Creating your dream space is a fun project: You may be thinking about cozy furniture, a stylish work or study station, or a cool binge-watching setup. If you’re looking to create your perfect space without breaking your budget, Walmart has great products that’ll help you make your new or current living space just the way you want.

Here are just some of the cool furniture, décor, and tech products you’ll find at Walmart, all at affordable prices.

1. A chic writing desk that'll give you plenty of room to work on your laptop, write in your journal, organize your bills, or even use to help set up entertaining essentials. The two spacious cubbies make this super versatile for all kinds of tasks!

white writing desk with gold legs on the bottom

2. A plush area rug to create some comfort underfoot — especially if you like to walk around your place barefoot.

area rug with abstract print

3. A wireless charging lamp, because multi-use furniture is the best, and sometimes, tracking down an actual charging cord is just too much work.

simple lamp with a charging base for a phone

4. A lounge-worthy flip chair for a comfy, versatile seating option...which is always a good thing. This might just become your favorite reading spot.

5. A set of bath towels in a fun striped design that (hopefully) no one will confuse as their own in your shared bathroom. But just in case that happens, you have extras!

bathtub with towels on it

6. A string of trimmable, dimmable smart LED lights to help customize your space in all kinds of social media–worthy ways that'll wow your followers.

7. A mountable shelf as a gorgeous focal point for all your photos, travel souvenirs, and other small things you don't quite know where to put in your living room. This is the spot.

8. A collapsible ottoman as a quick solution to having nowhere to put the pile of stuff on your couch right when your friend texts they're in the neighborhood and dropping by for a visit.

a rectangular black ottoman with a lid

9. A 43-inch 4K Roku smart TV so your place becomes the spot for binge-watching the show of the moment.


10. A Chromecast kit in case you're just looking for a binge-watching upgrade instead of a new TV. No more watching your faves on your laptop.


11. And a soundbar with a wireless subwoofer to make any TV or movie you watch that much more dramatic.

the sound bar and subwoofer

12. A bed in a bag to zhuzh up your sleep space in case it's visible or part of your living space.

bed with coordinating covers

13. A plush velvet office chair in case you have a little home office area that's part of your living area. This'll look so much cuter than a mesh desk chair and will serve as extra seating for entertaining.

pink chair with gold tone hardware

14. A Google Nest hub to stream some tunes, watch TV shows, and even ask Google Assistant questions. Now you can queue up your playlist from across the room.

the Google home hub

15. Or a Bluetooth-enabled end table as another speaker option that'll be easy on the eyes, fit into small spaces between seating options, *and* serve as an extra charging station!

round end table with plugs for charging devices

16. A handy kitchen cart with countertop space for your coffee or cocktail essentials, shelves for wine bottles, and a hidden storage compartment as your new multitasking hero.

cart with hidden compartments and wine shelves on the side

17. And a Keurig single-serve coffee maker that'll go perfectly on top of your new cart. This'll serve up some major flavor without taking up a ton of space!

the coffee machine

18. A minimalist diffuser so you can focus on the lovely scent it's emitting (with some help from essential oils) rather than worrying about if it goes with your perfectly curated coffee table. (Spoiler alert: It does.)

diffuser on a table

19. A folding butterfly chair in case you prefer your seating options to be super mobile.

gray butterfly chair

20. A Samsung 27-inch curved monitor for an immersive viewing experience for games, movies, or the latest TV show your friend group can't stop texting about.

the monitor

21. A velvet couch (that also comes in linen) as an affordable focal point for your living space that'll make visitors wonder if it's been photographed for a magazine...yet.

green velvet couch

22. And a tie-dye throw pillow that'll look perfectly lovely on your couch — or make for some great lower back support while you're doing some strenuous binge-watching from the couch.

long tie dye pillow on a couch

Need more inspiration? Check out the full selection at Walmart's College & Beyond Shop.

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