11 Kids Who Got Exactly What They Wanted For The Holidays

It’s almost like they made their own special list or something! Find the most popular toys by checking out the Walmart top toy list chosen by real kids. It’s sure not to disappoint.

1. The “tandem fist pump” is always a good indicator.

2. The Most Dramatic Girl Ever gets her holiday wish.

Funny Fuse / Via youtube.com

3. What he wanted most of all was more wrapping paper.

4. BTW, Mom may or may not know what a kitten is.

5. The best gift isn’t from grandma… it IS grandma.

6. This kid reacts as if he got an actual, real Pokémon.

ABC / Via youtube.com

7. The GIF that keeps on giving…

8. Whatever he got, it turned him into a cartoon villain.

9. “OMG! OMG!” - the neighbors, for an entirely different reason.

10. We had a similar reaction when we got Justin Bieber tickets.

11. In your face, punk!

This holiday season, find the coolest toys chosen by kids at Walmart.

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