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The Holidays Are Approaching And Walmart+ Is The Gift To Yourself That Keeps On Giving

Deck the halls with boughs of free delivery from your store*.

The temperatures are dipping and snow is falling, and you know what that means! The holidays are just around the corner. ❄️☃️

This makes it a perfect time to treat yourself to Walmart's membership program, Walmart+. The benefits are too good to pass up; they'll save you time and money, and make your life a heck of a lot easier!

We've all experienced those blustery afternoons when we're on our way home from work and ding! ding! ding! — the gas tank is nearly empty. Well, thanks to Walmart+, you'll no longer have to drive all the way across town in the cold weather to just to get the best gas prices...

Graphic showing a fuel gauge on empty

...because you'll save 5¢ per gallon at all Walmart and Murphy fuel stations. That means you'll save time AND money (and still get home before the snowstorm hits!).

Graphic illustrating a person pulling up to a Murphy USA fuel station in their vehicle

You know those times when you need just a few things from the store so you plan to make a stop between errands, but it's suuuuuper busy because of the holidays? Fret no longer! With mobile scan & go, you'll be in and out in no time.

Graphic illustrating how to scan products while using mobile scan & go

OR, if you're snowed in (or just don't feel like leaving the house), Walmart+'s free delivery from your store* will come to the rescue. That means you can spend more time with the people you love and never forget an item on your list ever again.

PLUS, you'll still get Walmart's same, everyday low prices. And that's something worth celebrating.

Better yet, Walmart is offering a free (yes, free!) 15-day trial of their money- and time-saving service. Start your free trial today!