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23 Gifts To Help Dad Rep His Favorite Team

Congratulations — you're about to become a Father's Day shopping all-star.

Stumped on what to get your sports-obsessed dad for Father's Day? Well, look no further, because Walmart's Fan Shop has got you covered.

Here are some great options Dad is sure to love...

1. A versatile Boston Red Sox shirt Dad can wear to the gym or while catching a few innings in between errands.

2. A luxurious Broncos robe that'll make Dad feel like he's at a five-star hotel while he snacks on chips and cheers for his team.

3. Or a Golden State Warriors jersey you can buy to impress both of your parents and show them you actually DO listen when they talk about basketball and Ayesha Curry's cooking show.

4. A polo shirt featuring Dad's favorite MLB team that's so nice he'll want to buy tickets to see just so he can show off his upgraded gear.

5. A UNC half-zip for the dad who is forever resistant to wearing an actual coat.

6. A Yankees cooler bag that can hold 12 cans, so your dad and his squad won't get parched during their pre-game tailgate.

7. Saints pajama pants to keep Dad nice 'n' cozy while he screams at the TV this fall.

8. A simple Orioles T-shirt you can use to try to convince him to retire the one he's currently living in that has holes and is completely faded.

9. A Milwaukee Bucks button-down your dad will obsess over because now he can wear his team's gear even when forced to go to a family function while his team is playing.

10. Virginia Cavaliers shorts so Dad can honor their perfect season and March Madness win for the rest of the year.

11. A versatile Cardinals cap you'll likely find Dad rockin' while he mows the lawn, picks up your sibling from ballet, or actually attends a game.

12. A NASCAR tee, perfect for any father figure in your life who has been begging you to sit down and watch a race with him.

13. A Dodgers-themed folding chair Dad can keep in his car and break out during impromptu trips to the park, family picnics, or during a tailgate.

14. A New York Jets backpack Dad will tote around proudly while telling everyone, "THIS is our year, I swear!"

15. A Golden State Warriors tee that just might become Dad's new "lucky shirt" simply because you gifted it to him.

16. An Oklahoma City Thunder logo tee that'll become his go-to shirt during basketball season.

17. A splurge-worthy retro 76ers jersey your dad may just shed a tear over when you surprise him with it on Father's Day.

18. A cozy New York Mets pullover sweatshirt he'll be happy to have on hand during seasons they play ball into October.

19. A classic Chicago Cubs baseball hat so Dad can shield his eyes from the sun while hangin' at your sibling's baseball game.

20. A LeBron James Lakers tee your dad will love because it gives him yet another excuse to rep his favorite player on the reg.

21. A Yankees sweatshirt that'll combine your dad's favorite fandoms: baseball and Disney.

22. Mesh Los Angeles Dodgers shorts any dad would appreciate, since at some point his have probably been chewed on by the family dog.

23. And an Overwatch League shirt, in case your dad would rather play video games together all day than toss a ball in the yard.

Didn't see Dad's favorite here? Check out all Walmart's Fan Shop has to offer and surprise him with some team merch.