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21 Gifts From Walmart That’ll Make You Dad’s Favorite Kid

Sorry to your siblings, but you're winning Father's Day this year.

Have you always dreamed of your dad beaming down at you with pride on Father's Day because you FINALLY bought him the perfect present?

Let's make that dream a reality. We've rounded up some gifts from Walmart that'll surely have Dad bragging about how great his kid is!

Gifts for $25 and under:

And shop all gifts for $25 and under here

1. Novelty swim trunks for the dad who spends his whole summer soaking up the sun.

2. A vinyl record of his favorite band so you can have a Father's Day dance party.

3. Or waterproof earbuds your dad can use at the gym, outside while gardening, or to simply tune everyone out for some moments of peace.

4. A folding camp chair your big and tall dad will find a million leisurely ways to use.

5. A customizable wooden postcard for the sentimental dad who has held on to everything you've ever given him since you were in kindergarten.

6. A classic New York Yankees baseball cap to replace the worn-out one he's likely been wearing for over a decade.

7. A 137-piece fishing kit complete with a tackle box that'll keep all of Dad's accessories in order.

8. A vacuum-sealed tumbler so Dad can actually enjoy a HOT cup of coffee — even when he's running late for work.

Gifts for $50 and under

And shop all gifts for $50 and under here.

9. A deep fryer that'll make Dad's dream of whipping up his own mozzarella sticks at home come true.

10. A personalized cuff link and a tie clip set you can add Dad's initials to for an extra special Father's Day gift.

11. A G-Shock watch that'll help Dad keep track of the time when he's off on another tangent about why you should be investing in your 401(k).

12. Or a Calvin Klein polo to add a ~pop of color~ to Dad's wardrobe without overwhelming him.

13. A multi-day backpack that'll encourage Dear Old Dad to finally plan that hiking trip he's always talking about.

14. Or a 12-pack of golf balls to replenish the countless ones he's lost in bushes or ponds while trying to perfect his game.

Gifts for $100 and under:

And shop all gifts for $100 and under here.

15. A fancy pop-up beverage cooler/table your dad will want to show off to everyone who dares to enter his yard this summer.

16. A fishing rod he can add to his collection and put to use during some quality-time family time.

17. An inflatable four-person raft that'll basically be a gift for you and your dad since you'll definitely set sail on it together. Win-win!

18. A foldable drone with a live-streaming camera inside of it, so Dad can FINALLY find out what is causing that racket next door.

19. A personalized decanter and lowball glasses you and Dad can sip from while rewatching old episodes of Mad Men.

Gifts for $100 and up:

And shop all gifts for $100 and up here.

20. A Steph Curry replica jersey, a must-have for the sports fanatic dad who loves nothing more than cheering on his beloved team.

21. And an arcade machine that'll easily have you crowned as the Favorite Child the moment Dad opens his gifts.

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