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Score Big On Game Day With Walmart’s Easy Meals And Snacks

With these foods, you’ll be the real winner.

The big game is almost here, which means the championship of snacks is almost here. Dips, nuggets, chips...the options are endless. No stress! With Walmart, you can get everything you need to create a winning spread with minimal to no prep work involved!

Well, let's kick this thing off, shall we? Here are some delicious snacks and meals:

1. Boneless buffalo wings you can pair with a variety of sauces (Thai-style sweet chili sauce, anyone?!), because options on options is the name of the game.

Boneless wings styled on a wooden board

2. An array of chips (Tostitos Scoops, obviously!) and dips like spinach and artichoke and queso that'll let you dip, dip, dip all game long.

3. A pepperoni and mozzarella flatbread that is just a speedy oven trip away. Preheat your oven, pop in for 15 minutes, and this heavenly flatbread is one play away from pleasing the entire fam.

Flatbread styled on a board

4. Loaded potato skins from TGI Friday's for a cheesy treat that will be hard to put down. How can you say no to potato skins stuffed with applewood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese? You can't.

box of TGI Friday's potato skins

5. A chicken tortilla soup here to make a game day treat easier and cozier than ever. Take the extra (but small!) step and add tortilla strips on top.

Bowl of tortilla soup styled on a table

6. A chicken bacon ranch sub you can quickly toast up to get that gooey cheese. *films cheese pull*

Marketside grab-and-go sub styled on a plate with chips

7. A 4-pound bag of chicken nuggets: the classic snack staple that deserves a place on your game day spread, no doubt.

Close-up of chicken nuggets cooked and styled on a plate

8. A pulled chicken marinated in Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey BBQ sauce (umm, yum) for a super-easy slider. Just pair with some Hawaiian rolls and a side of potato salad.

Package of Jack Daniel's pulled chicken

9. Mini corn dogs that'll be the star quarterback of your snack offerings. Mini! Corn dogs!

Great Value mini corn dogs styled on table

10. A cauliflower crust pizza made with three different cheeses that's ready in minutes. Easy? Simple? Just what we need when the big game is on.

Cauliflower pizza baked and styled on a table

11. A 56-count box of Delimex chicken taquitos so the taquitos keep flowin' and the game keeps rollin'. No snack refill required when you can heat up all of these delicious wonders.

Box of Delimex chicken taquitos

12. A kale salad kit packed with pecans, cranberries, and Dijon mustard that's the quickest way to whip up a salad. It comes with all the goods you need so there's no wandering aisles looking for certain ingredients. Hello, you have commercials...er, the game to watch!

Marketside's kale salad kit mixed together in a bowl

13. Breaded mozzarella sticks because more cheese translates to a more successful game-day spread. Those are just the rules!

Person dipping mozzarella stick into marinara sauce

14. A sausage, cheese, and cracker tray that's been sliced and diced for you. The hardest part will be transferring it all from its container to a tray... Or, just leave it as is; you've got a game to watch!

Contents of tray styled on a plate

15. And a yummy, freshly made meatball marinara sub for a meal that truly requires no prep work on your plate. Grab a few of these and grab your seat. It's game time!

Sub styled on plate

Check out your local Walmart to stock up on your snacks and ingredients! And if you don't feel like heading to the store, make sure you explore Walmart's pickup & delivery service. Just shop online, select what you want (keep in mind there is a $35 minimum), and then pick up everything on the curb for free or a small delivery fee.

While you gear up for game day at home, Walmart's shoppers collect your grocery list and pack up everything for you. And because of their Freshness Guarantee, if you're not happy with any of your items, you'll get your money back by contacting customer care.

Go team (you!).