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Deals On Electronics From Walmart That The Whole Family Will Love

The entire family will be smiling when you shop Walmart's Deals for Days sale.

Not enough screens for Billy and Jane to watch their favorite shows? Need noise-canceling headphones to get any work done from home? Your 15-year-old laptop running on fumes? Well then...

Walmart's Deals for Days sale has all the gadget upgrades you need to make sure your home is up to speed and your family is happy. Here's a selection of the electronics you can get a discount on this year:

1. 50% off of wireless Beats headphones with noise-canceling properties so good, you won't hear 'em coming! Choose to fully immerse yourself in the world you're listening to OR turn on Transparency mode so you can still stay aware of your surroundings.

the black beats solo pro wireless headphones

2. 22% off on a 40" smart Roku TV with everyone's favorite streaming services easily accessible at the touch of a button!

the hisense smart roku tv showing several streaming services on its screen

3. 14% off Apple AirPods Pro made to be lightweight so you don't notice them as you fill your ears with your fave artist's newest single. They're also sweat- and water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about them on your morning runs!

a model puts an apple airpod pro into their ear

4. 30% off a light and compact Samsung Chromebook for fast and easy streaming, working, and gaming. At home, the cafe, and everywhere in between!

the samsung chromebook open on a wooden desk

5. Or 44% off on an ultra-slim Gateway Notebook whose crystal clear picture and fast processor will make getting work done (and then treating yourself to a TV show binge right after) so much easier!

6. 41% off on the Apple TV 4K if you're into superfast and vivid graphics, access to thousands of streaming services and apps, and the ability to use Siri to search for what you want.

the apple tv 4K remote and device

7. 18% off on an iPad mini that's perfect for reading, taking pictures, and listening to music. You can even take it on your next vacation and group video call your family to show them the beautiful view from your window.

two black apple ipad minis back to back

8. 25% off on a Roku Express streaming player offering 4K picture and HDR color sure to make you feel a part of every cinematic universe you visit. And if you need more convenience, it can also be voice-controlled!

the roku express packaging

9. 15% off on a water-resistant Series 3 Apple Watch if you need help tracking your fitness goals. Whether you're a cyclist, runner, or HIIT master, the Apple Watch has what you need to keep you pumped up and moving forward.

the black apple watch series 3

10. Or 29% off on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 from Samsung offering built-in coaching to help you grow at a steady pace on your fitness journey.

the samsung galaxy watch with metrics for activity, workout time, and hourly movements

11. 28% off on a portable projector so you can take family movie night on the road!

the core innovations portable projector with handle

So drop what you're doing and head over to Walmart's Deals for Days! You (and your wallet) won't regret it!