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Eating Better On A Budget Just Got Easier With This 30-Minute Dinner Recipe

Learn how to make a healthy home-cooked meal without the hassle! Fresh and convenient ingredients from Walmart make dinnertime easy.

Looking for a healthy dinner that's quick AND affordable for you and your fam? BuzzFeed's resident mom, Erin, has got the perfect recipe for you!

You don't have to settle for takeout because this One-Pan Maple Rosemary Chicken only takes 30 minutes.

That's right! All you need is a single baking sheet and some fresh ingredients from Walmart. Here's a few items to add to your shopping list:

These boneless chicken thighs are antibiotic-free and family-friendly. Get them for $5.38.

These Brussels sprouts are packed fresh and prewashed for your convenience. Get them for $2.98.

This pre-prepped garlic is already minced so you can save some time (and a messy cutting board). Get it for $1.84.

Find the full recipe and ingredient list here so you can cook up this family-friendly meal tonight!

Erin holding her daughter