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12 Basics You Need To Create The Ultimate Baker’s Kitchen

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1. Start with the basics and get yourself a set of measuring cups and spoons.

2. A glass measuring cup makes portioning out liquids easy.

3. You're gonna need a baking sheet and this one comes with a cooling grid.

4. You'll need some mixing bowls too.

5. Every baker needs a good pie plate.

6. And if you're going to be making pies, you'll need a rolling pin too.

7. A hand mixer makes quick work of mixing doughs and batters.

8. How will you make beautiful cakes if you don't have a cake pan?

9. A food processor is a true game changer.

10. The possibilities are endless when you have a bundt pan.

11. A pastry blender simplifies making doughs for pies and biscuits.

12. A cookie scoop makes your cookies come out the perfect size and shape every time.

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