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8 Affordable Outdoor Picks That’ll Make Your Spring All Fun And Games

🌷 Have some fun in the sun this spring with these great games from Walmart! 🌷

1. This Franklin Soccer Ball that's sure to be a real slam dunk (or real game-winning goal?) with your friends and fam.

A black and white soccer ball

2. This Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Set with 80 pieces to bring out your kids' (and your) creative side.

the pack of chalk and chalk toys

3. This cute Kids Bike in Rock It and Sea Star color options that kids will just adore.

4. This moving Bump N Go Bubble Blowing Dino that kids go totally nuts for.

A dinosaur toy that blows bubbles

5. This Kids Kick Scooter that comes in pink and blue and has a super cool light-up design.

6. This Bounce Pro 14ft Trampoline so you can bounce all spring long.

A trampoline with a safety net

7. These Kids Roller Skates that can convert into inline skates! Oh and they come in two cool color options too: Unicorn and Black & Green.

8. This Play Day Jar of Fun that comes with 30 toys to keep your kids entertained all day.

A jar filler with little toys

Find everything you need for a spring refresh at Walmart!

All images via Walmart