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12 Essentials You Can Get For A Little Less Only At Walmart

Need to restock your pantry and get your weekly groceries? Only Walmart has the essentials you need at a guaranteed low price.

1. Get a loaf of Marketside Brioche with a price that is the best thing since sliced bread.

sliced bread

2. This Great Value Beef Broth that will beef up your recipes without watering down your finances.

package for beef broth

3. This two-pack of Great Value Chunk Chicken Breast that will do double duty as a cheap protein for lunchtime salads or dinnertime casseroles.

package for chicken breast

4. This Great Value 100% Pasteurized Orange Juice with Pulp is OJ that will have you saying, "Oh yay!" when you see the cost.

orange juice

5. This Marketside Kickin’ Chicken Chowder that's a kick to your taste buds, not your wallet.

chowder container

6. This Great Value Cubed Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese is a cheesy (and cheap) snack.

package of cubed cheese

7. This Great Value Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup that's the perfect base for your favorite slow cooker recipes — for less than a buck!

can of condensed soup

8. These Freshness Guaranteed Baker's Dozen Sugar Topped Donuts that cost less dough at Walmart.

box of donuts

9. This Pre-Sliced Prima Della Oven Roasted Turkey Breast that's a must-have for deli-style sandwiches at home (for a fraction of the cost!).

cuts of turkey breast

10. These Great Value Garlic Stuffed Olives with ~olive~ the taste but at a lower price.

jar of olives

11. This Great Value Chili with Beans, perfect for cold evenings when you don't wanna splurge on a night out.

can of chili beans

12. And since you've saved room (and $$) for dessert, these Marketside Chocolate Petit Fours.

Chocolate Petit Fours

Keep your kitchen well stocked with these grocery items and more, available at low prices only at Walmart.