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10 Budget-Friendly Things That’ll Help You Host An Eggcellent Easter Gathering

Hosting an eggstra special celebration doesn't have to hurt your wallet. Get everything you need from Walmart for less.

1. A punny Way to Celebrate outdoor mat so guests know the vibes as soon as they walk up to the door.

The mat placed before the front door

2. A pack of Reese's Easter candy that the kids — and even the adults! — would love to have in their goody bags.

The candy on a bunny-shaped bowl

3. A super-cute Way to Celebrate Easter bunny decoration to keep your gathering ~on theme~.

A close-up of the felt decoration

4. A pack of Way to Celebrate Easter eggs if you want to add a fun game of egg hunting into the mix.

A close up of the eggs in its packaging

5. A super-adorable set of Way to Celebrate Easter egg napkins because we're all about staying on theme here.

A close-up of the napkin

6. A set of Way to Celebrate Easter Eggs plates that you can match with the above napkins.

The plates placed on a table

7. A Way to Celebrate inflatable bunny because you like to show your guests you're 100% committed to your Easter theme.

A close-up of the inflatable bunny

8. A Way to Celebrate gingham tablecloth because you love to show up and show out!

A close-up of the tablecloth

9. A party pack of Peeps marshmallows because is it really Easter without this classic?

A close-up of the Peeps packaging

10. A gorgeous Way to Celebrate tulip wreath for adding a spring touch to the atmosphere.

The wreath against a plain background

Get everything you need at Walmart, the budget-friendly one-stop shop for your Easter hosting needs.

All images via Walmart.