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The Most Pampered Pets Of Our Time

From designer clothes to gourmet meals at the world's most expensive hotels, here are some animals who are truly living the good life. And for all the best in food, fashion, music, travel and culture, check out WSJ Live's new series, ”Off Duty.”

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You may know Giggy as Real Housewife of Beverely Hills, Lisa Vanderpump's beloved pomeranian. And it's no stretch to say that Giggy is spoiled rotten. Between his over the top outfits and luxurious vacations, you bet we're all coming back as Giggy next time around.

Any Animal Owned By Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has her fair share of furry friends. And when you're an animal owned by Paris, you've definitely 'got it good'. Hilton's love for man's best friend even led her to create an apparel line for dogs called, "Little Lily by Paris Hilton," with some of the proceeds going to benefit animal rescue.

Ghenghis Khan

It's good to be Martha's dog. Her chow chow pup named Ghenghis Khan not only won Best In Breed the other day at Westminster, but was also wined and dined at the world famous Plaza Hotel. Literally.


Named the favorite pup of Kim Kardashian and having more than 2 million Facebook “likes” on his page,, one might think Boo would have a superiority complex. But this little ball of fur has managed to keep a relatively modest head underneath all of that puff.


For Britain's most pampered dog, Prince, a world of excess is the only one he's ever known. This lucky pooch has a wardrobe of over 200 designer clothes, lovingly cooked meals and regular beauty treatments. It's good to be the Prince.

These Two Great Danes Living In Gloucestershire

A Gloucestershire, England based surgeon’s two pet Great Danes certainly have the life. He has custom-built them the worlds’ most expensive dog home at $417,000. The two bed-roomed 1000 sq. foot mansion is lined by sheep-skin with temperature adjustable beds plus a sound system and 52 inch plasma TV worth $250,000. The home also contains a private playground and 18-inch spa bath to keep their coats gleaming.


For Conchita, the word pampered doesn't quite cover it. Known to her family as "the boss," this one year old chihuahua receives weekly manicures, and even has her own publicist. And that's not all! Her living quarters are equally impressive with her own special pink racing car bed, bathroom and TV, and lunches daily on fresh grilled chicken breast at the exclusive Shore Club in Miami. A life to die for.

Inspired By: WSJ Live's "Westminster Doggie De-Stress: Psychics, Massages and Treadmills"

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