The Coolest Speakeasies Across The Country

Your new favorite bar may be hiding in your own backyard. Check out some of the best speakeasies from around the country in our roundup below. If you know of other secret watering holes, add them to the comments. And to find more hidden gems in spirits, fashion, music, travel and culture, check out WSJ Live’s new series, ”Off Duty.”

2. Please Don't Tell

Where Is It? 113 St. Marks Pl (between 1st Ave & Avenue A)

Cool Factor: You enter this swanky hangout via the hot dog joint, Crif Dogs phone booth.

3. Raines Law Room

Where Is It? 48 W 17th St (between 5th Ave & Avenue of The Americas)
Cool Factor: The vibe makes you feel like you’re in a super classy kitchen in the 1920s.

4. 1534

Where Is It? 20 Prince St (between Elizabeth & Mott St)

Cool Factor:

Here there are rules:

You must enjoy yourself here.
Do not take yourself too seriously.
Do not sit quietly at the bar. You must engage in conversation.
We drink to be merry not to be boring.
If a beautiful woman/man is by themselves, you must attempt conversation and attempt courtship.
When an awesome power ballad is playing you must sing along.
Never pass up a free shot from a staff member.
Finally, bad decisions are celebrated here not condemned…No judging.

5. The Back Room

Where Is It? 102 Norfolk St (between Delancey & Rivington St.)

Cool Factor: To get there, look for a small “Toy Company” sign and then follow the hallway and go up the stairs. The cocktails are served in charming teacups, and beer is in paper bags.

7. Péché

Where Is It? 208 W 4th St.

Cool Factor: Very classy dark woods, classic lighting and well dressed staff all complementing each other to create a sexy ambiance for this happening place.

8. Clive Bar

Where Is It? 609 Davis
Cool Factor: Cozy atmosphere and swanky white leather chairs.

10. The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co

Where Is It? 112 S 18th St - 1st Fl

Cool Factor: The ambiance exudes pure seduction. Franklin’s chairs are reminiscent of taut vintage leather: supportive yet comfortable.

11. The Ranstead Room

Where Is It? 2013 Ranstead St

Cool Factor: If you love exclusivity, this place sure defines it. Dim lighting and flickering candles tie the room together, perfect for sharing drinks and secrets with your companions.

13. Shangai Tunnel

Where Is It? 211 SW Ankeny Street
Cool Factor: Rad music, pool tables & pinball machines.

14. Secret Society Lounge

Where Is It? 116 NE Russell St.

Cool Factor: The retro tunes, laid back barkeep and the sexy surroundings.

16. The Beehive

Where Is It? 541 Tremont St (between Hanson & Milford St.)

Cool Factor: The gypsy curtains, exposed brick, and random artwork.

17. Drink

Where Is It? 348 Congress St.

Cool Factor: This bar is dedicated to the craft of the cocktail. In fact, there are no menus. You tell the bartender or rather mixologist your flavor profiles… what you like, what you don’t like. Then, watch as they delicately and meticulously create the perfect cocktail for you.

19. The Cruise Room

Where Is It? Oxford Hotel- 1600 17th St.

Cool Factor: This place is like stepping back in time. The interior hasn’t changed since the re-opening after prohibition.

20. Green Russell

Where Is It? 1422 Larimer St.

Cool Factor: This place features all the garnishes of a great prohibition bar. It’s hidden away in a big city, fronts a pie shop, has well-dressed bar-tenders and even sports a little herb garden.

22. Bourbon & Branch

Where Is It? 501 Jones St (between Ofarrell & Geary St.)

Cool Factor: There are little hidden rooms off the main one, which is dimly lit with candles and low lights, and has a great, swanky vibe.

23. Rickhouse

Where Is It? 246 Kearny St (between Sutter & Hardie Pl.)

Cool Factor: The waiters dress in 1920’s attire.

24. Inspired By WSJ Live's "Absinthe Minded: Making a Perfect Absinthe Cocktail"

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