10 Hot Topics That Will Impress Anyone At Your Holiday Party

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1. Vodka And Latkes!

For years, Hanukkah has been a low-key holiday celebration, known for giving gifts and inviting friends over to light the menorah. But now, all across the nation, Hanukkah celebrations have shifted into overdrive. Check out some of the wildest Hanukkah celebrations happening around the country.

2. Is Holiday Gift Giving Irrational?

Face it, you know you’ll never wear that ugly sweater that Aunt Bertha is going to give you this holiday. So when is it best to give cash or give nothing? Find out right here!

3. The Game Within A Game

Can’t get enough of football? Love to play on every fantasy league you can get your hands on? Well, then this is the app for you. Check out what new iPhone app has got every sports fan talking.

4. The Year In Books

From Tebow-ing to Scottish poetry, Check out some of the most talked about reads of 2011.

5. Searching For The Perfect Tree

Looking for the perfect tree this Christmas? Find out what characteristics make a tree a cut above the rest.

6. Taking Business To Space

“I wanted to create a spaceship where myself and my children could go into space, and our friends could go into space.” Coming from anyone other than Richard Branson this might sound a bit delusional. Find out why Branson thinks that the future of business is headed to the moon…literally.

7. Why Is Hollywood Singing The Christmas Blues?

It may be the merriest time of the year for most, but not for Hollywood. Find out why Christmas has Hollywood singing the blues.

8. Taxidermists Are Making a Killing…Literally

Tis the season! Find out why local taxidermists sometimes wait for years at a time for their biggest moneymaker.

9. The App That’s Creating A Stir

Amazon’s new app is creating quite a stir in the market place. Shoppers can instantly snap a photo of a product in a store and then instantly compare it with Amazon’s prices. Check out this season’s game changing app.

10. The Bar That Shaped An Industry

Who knew eating healthy could taste so good? When Daniel Lubetzky couldn’t find a healthy, portable snack food he craved, he decided to create his own. Check out how this bar started a craze and ended up shaping an industry.

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