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    The 22 Stages Of Visiting Your Public Library

    Yes, it really is this exciting.

    1. You head to the library to pick up a book that you've been waiting for.

    2. You walk by the Community Room on your way in and take a quick peek at one of the interesting programs going on.

    3. You see book displays and event posters and suddenly comprehend the endless possibilities the library has to offer.

    4. You decide that you want to find a book about that obscure obsession you have.

    5. You look up some books on the computer and fondly remember the card catalog.

    6. You wonder if maybe you should ask a librarian for help.

    7. You ask the librarian for help.

    8. The librarian makes it their personal mission to find books on the topic you want.


    10. The librarian finds exactly the book for you.

    11. You thank the librarian.

    12. You momentarily think about trying to stump the librarian with another obscure topic.

    13. You get distracted walking by the Young Adult literature.

    14. Then you run into someone you know...

    15. You start recommending books to them.

    16. Time to visit the Children's Room!

    17. "Who's ready for Preschool Story Time?"

    Or maybe FETCH is more your thing.

    18. "You can each pick out one book to take home."

    19. Heading to the Circulation Desk, you see a DVD that you've been waiting for on the express shelf. Today is your lucky day!

    20. You go to pick up your books on hold and there are more waiting for you than you were expecting.

    21. You have a small late fee, but it's okay because today has been the best day ever.

    22. You head back into the real world.

    But at least you know what you'll be doing the rest of the day...