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The 15 Stages Of Being Sick (Told With Puppy GIFs)

Being sick is the worst. These dogs have been there. Too bad they don't have opposable thumbs... otherwise they could just go to Walgreens and get everything they need to get them through cold season.

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Stage 1: "Wait a second, I don't feel so good."

Stage 2: Thinking you can power through and realizing you can't.

Stage 3: Realizing that, oh no, you're actually SICK.

Stage 4: Telling your boss you'll work from home so as not to burn a sick day...

...but then finding out you don't have the energy to do anything productive.

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Stage 5: Giving up on doing anything except napping and watching TV.

Stage 6: The momentary excitement you get when you realize you get to binge-watch Netflix all day...

...followed by the subsequent despair when you realize you're too run-down to enjoy it.

Stage 7: The awful realization that eating, the one thing that comforts you, has become difficult.

Stage 8: Self-pity.

Stage 9: Boredom sets in, and you start to go a little stir-crazy.

Stage 10: Realizing you've been in the same PJs for 72 hours straight.

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Stage 11: Your appetite recovers enough that you can binge on junk food.

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Stage 12: "Hey! I feel better! I'll just... uh-oh, nope, OK, back to bed."

Stage 13: Rage! How can you possibly STILL be sick?!

Stage 14: You're finally healed enough to take your first tentative steps outdoors...

...and all seems right in the world.

Stage 15: You get cocky, go outside without a raincoat, and then...

Uh oh.