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The Definitive Ranking Of Sick Day Clothes

From home sick to home chic! Whatever your sick day fashion, Walgreens has everything you need to feel better.

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12. Winter Coat

Omri Rolan / Buzzfeed

It's just so on the nose. We get it! You have a cold.

11. Sleeping Bag

Alicia Nijdam / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: anijdam

Sure, it's the coziest feeling in the world. But wrapping yourself up and calling it a day? That's just lazy.

10. Sweatpants

Jeremy Atkinson / CC By http://2.0 / Flickr: phlyingpenguin

Sweatpants are always there when you need them. But even your cat knows that you can do better.

9. "Jammies"

Gary Ombler and Andy Crawford / Getty Image
Eden, Janine and Jim / (CC By http://2.0) / Flickr: edenpictures

Adorable, comfy, reliable... SNOOZE.

8. Bathrobe

Johanna Sarriot / Buzzfeed

Pro: It's like a coat made out of towels.

Con: Nobody can pull that off. Nobody.

7. Kimono-inspired Robe

Japanese School / Getty Images
Jen Winston / Buzzfeed

"I'm an artist and I'm home sick, and I have feelings about that!"

6. Oversized White T

Clark McCaskill / Buzzfeed

The modern day adaptation of the old-timey nightgown. No pants is definitely the way to go.

5. Funny T-shirt You Can't Wear in Public

Kirk Damato / Buzzfeed

Hey, if a silly pun can make you feel better, then who's to judge? (But also, why do you own that.)

4. Onesie

Casey Cline / BuzzFeed

A onesie says, "I'm sick and I'm fabulous!" Bonus points if it has a flap in the back.

3. Your Favorite Pet

Alix McAlpine / Buzzfeed

They're the original fur blanket, but with more snuggles.

2. Leopard Print Throw

Hannah Chamberlain / Buzzfeed

Nothing says "I gotta do me" like a faux-fur leopard throw and some sick chains. (Get it?)

1. An old Halloween costume... because whatever, you're sick.

If it makes you feel better then it's fair game.
Randy Reiman / BuzzFeed

If it makes you feel better then it's fair game.