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15 Reasons There Is No Cure For The Common Man Cold

Being sick is never fun, but nothing is worse than the common man cold. So the next time you or someone you love feels under the weather, head to Walgreens for everything you need to get through this year's dreaded man cold season.

1. Everyone gets sick now and then.

2. And we all know that there's no cure for the common cold.

3. But there is one cold that's worse than other colds...

4. ...THE MAN COLD!!!

John Urquhart / BuzzFeed

5. It's like a regular cold, but ~so much worse.~

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

6. The doctor says, "Get rest and drink fluids. He'll be fine." BUT YOU SENSE THE LIES.

7. What has he become? A BIG, SICK BABY.

8. Is it physically possible to do anything? NO.

John Urquhart / BuzzFeed

9. Going to work? OUT OF THE QUESTION.

10. Do man colds last longer than regular colds? PROBABLY.

kyoshino / Thinkstock

11. Sleeping for a long period of time? SURE OK.

John Urquhart / BuzzFeed


Meliha Gojak / Thinkstock

13. FACT: a man cold means ~literal death~ without someone to listen to him complain.

14. So the man must wait. That family must wait. Everyone must wait until the cold passes and life can resume again...

15. give him all the care and love and blankets.