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12 Pets Who Will Gladly Keep You Company On Your Sick Day

At home sick? These expert cuddlers will surely brighten your stuffy day. Godspeed.

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1. Phoebe will wipe all your strep throat tears away.


2. Terry will soak up all your fever sweats.

3. Bobby will keep an eye on your social media feed to make sure you never miss a beat.


4. Trixie, Dixie, Moxie, and Poxie will keep your chilly hands warm.

5. Carly will swat away all your flu-y nightmares.


6. Dinky will distract you from your stomachache with his dance moves. / Via

7. Jack will never let your feverish self go.

8. Derek will certainly cure the common cold with a pat like that.

9. Sally's cuteness will make you forget you were ever sick.

10. Lucy will make your broken heart sing again.

11. Gracie will keep an eye on baby Lily while you nap your cold away.

12. And Max, Bailey, Rocky, Lola, and Maggie will be at your every beck and call all day.

No matter why you're home sick, Walgreens has everything you need to #GetWellSoon.