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How To Avoid Catching A Cold

Just because your friends are sick doesn't mean you need to get sick too. But if you do, head on over to Walgreens and stock up on all the things you need to make it through the cold and flu season.

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Oh no. A bunch of your friends are sick.

Obviously they should stay in tonight and get some rest.

But do they?

They show up to the party like nothing's the matter.

Like they're not about to GET YOU ALL SICK WITH THEIR NASTY GERMS.



It's gonna be OK. We'll get through this. Here are some tips and tricks for not letting your sick friends get you sick.

1. They'll probably try to share food with you.

Don't let it happen.

2. Avoid all handshakes...

3. ...hugs...

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4. ...and kisses.

5. Challenge everyone to a hand-washing competition. Demand a rematch every 15 minutes.

6. If you have enough time, build a whole outfit around a fashionable respirator mask.

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7. If they insist on getting close, pretend *you're* sick and you're keeping your distance because only a *monster* would risk infecting their friends.

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8. And if all else fails... BOUNCE.

After all, nothing's more important than your health.