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Can You Get Through This Post Without Giving Away Your Money?

Even if you could, would you want to be that person?

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Look, reader, BuzzFeed is free to you. We make you laugh each day with weird, funny internet things, like these guys who are terrified of oranges...

Kumikomini / Getty Images

...or this horse painted to look like a skeleton.

Probuxtor / Getty Images

Well, today, we’re going to make a deal with you: If you laugh at anything in this post, including this dude checking email underwater...

Paolo Cipriani / Getty Images

...or this fencing toilet-paper mummy, you're going to donate to charity.

Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

If you laugh at anything here, including Mr. Party Cat, you're going to buy a red nose from Walgreens to support Red Nose Day.

Anatoliyakovenko / Getty Images

Buying a red nose means you're helping to end child poverty. That should make you smile almost as much as this French gorilla blowing you a kiss.

Vladorlov / Getty Images

Did you laugh at this couple doing their honeymoon all wrong? Buy a red nose.

Gelokorol / Getty Images

How about this woman who is a little too into shoes that don't match? Buy a red nose.

Mediaphotos / Getty Images

Maybe you're the kind to laugh at a really weird sign on a bridge. Buy a red nose.

Ehrlif / Getty Images

Here's a man trapped and terrified by a corded phone. Buy a red nose.

Alexis84 / Getty Images

This is a thing that exists. Buy a red nose.

Justin Horrocks / Getty Images

This exists too. Buy a red nose.

Suriyasilsaksom / Getty Images

This picture was titled, no joke, "young man." Buy a red nose.

Aaronamat / Getty Images

Oh look, a dude in a yellow bathrobe plunging his ear. Buy a red nose.

Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

There is simply no way that you woke up this morning and thought, "Today is the day that I see a man wearing a pancake as a mask and waving hello." Buy a red nose.

Lofilolo / Getty Images

What is this? Why is this? Buy a red nose.

Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

Someone took the time to create this and put it on a stock image site, presumably with the idea that a photo of a tree-frog dog was something missing from this world. Buy a red nose.

Cathykeifer / Getty Images

If you are not laughing at this very chill '70s leopard party, it's probably because you feel like you have something to prove. We assure you, you don't. Buy a red nose.

Ryanjlane / Getty Images

Look us in the eye and say that this list, which includes a nervous Sasquatch on a job interview, isn't worth a little bit of money. Buy a red nose.

Twilightproductions / Getty Images

Inexplicable. Buy a red nose.

Geasuha / Getty Images

If you made it all the way through this post without laughing, ask yourself: Do I want to be the person who didn't help kids in need just to prove I wouldn't laugh? Of course you don't. Get in on the seriously silly fun, buy a red nose at Walgreens, and show your support for Red Nose Day on May 25.

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