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20 Animals To Cheer You Up When You're Sick

We heard you're sick! :( :( :( Stare at these animals until you feel well enough to go to Walgreens and get some supplies to weather the storm.

1. This heroic pig-in-a-chariot.

2. This rat who wants you to know that sleep is the best medicine.

3. This corgi who can't get past the ingenious boop machine.

4. This sleepy duckling and his wingman.

5. This criminal mastermind.

6. This cat who just got some medical-grade catnip.

7. This American hero.

8. This pika who believes you should feed a fever and feed a cold.

9. This off-brand Cat in the Hat.

10. Pop sensation Goatye.

11. This paramilitary parakeet.

12. This cat who is taking a personal day.

13. This Navy S.E.A.L.

14. These amorous fish.

15. This prickly little toy boat.

16. This extreme terrier.

17. These dogs who are savagely mocking this baby.

18. These guys who "ought to" be BFFs.

19. This hungry-for-snuggles hippo.

20. This turtle who has everything figured out.