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13 Americans Guess What "Red Nose Day" Is

It's a day when you have a cold, right?

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Red Nose Day is already a big thing in the UK, but it's still taking off here in the US. We asked these Americans, "What is Red Nose Day?" Here are their answers:

12. "Red Nose Day was an odd incident that occurred in Maine or some place like that in either the early 19th century or a little bit before. It's where a whole town full of folks had their noses suddenly turn red. People freaked out, but it was probably due to berries or something." —Kirk Damato

Actually, Red Nose Day is a day where we all come together to end child poverty, one nose at a time. Swing by Walgreens to get your red nose and show your support. Red Nose Day is May 25 on NBC.

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