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13 Americans Guess What "Red Nose Day" Is

It's a day when you have a cold, right?

Red Nose Day is already a big thing in the UK, but it's still taking off here in the US. We asked these Americans, "What is Red Nose Day?" Here are their answers:

1. "When you get punched in the schnoz." —Kristen Brown

2. "It's the day that allergy sufferers don't take their allergy pills to let everyone else know that their lives are miserable." —Justin Thomas

3. "The day after St. Patrick's Day." —Mandy Caruso

4. "The day before a big date when suddenly ALL the zits." —Ben Cahn

5. "It's a day when we celebrate our redcoat colonial British origins by coating our noses with red." —Hannah Chamberlain

6. "The coldest day of the year, when you're walking to work and think your face is going to fall off." —Tyler Naugle

7. "When I eat noodles doused in Sriracha, face first ." —Leslie Rodriguez

8. "That (hopefully) one day a year when the waiter is bringing you your penne a la vodka but forgot to tie their shoelaces." —William Smith

9. "When you think it's funny to stick Christmas lights up your nose and they get stuck. And it's not funny...IT'S HILARIOUS." —Alex Schlagel

10. “RIP Rudolph. You were one of the good ones. I'm so glad we have a holiday in your honor.” —Johanna Sarriott

11. "Red Knows Day is a day when we take time to acknowledge that redheaded people are just smarter than other people and that's the way it is." —Eric Sams

12. "Red Nose Day was an odd incident that occurred in Maine or some place like that in either the early 19th century or a little bit before. It's where a whole town full of folks had their noses suddenly turn red. People freaked out, but it was probably due to berries or something." —Kirk Damato

13. "When the world celebrates your colorful self, because you are a mandrill." —Thomas, the mandrill at the St. Louis Zoo

Actually, Red Nose Day is a day where we all come together to end child poverty, one nose at a time. Swing by Walgreens to get your red nose and show your support. Red Nose Day is May 25 on NBC.

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