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5 Things To Know About The Hot New Craze That Is Fidget Toys

You don't need to know about fidget toys, but you'll definitely start seeing a lot of them everywhere you look.

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1. They're Suddenly Popular In Schools Worldwide

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Trust me, I teach middle school. Fidget toys, especially the hand spinners, are the new "it-toy", and everyone knows that if children thinks its cool, its going to sell out. I posted a snap of one I found yesterday, and teachers from two other countries shared similar stories of the fidget craze.

2. They Started as a Kickstarter Project

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The first of the modern fidget toys, the Fidget Cube, was created by Matthew and Mark McMachlan. Its raised almost $6.5 million, making it one of the most funded projects on Kickstarter.

3. Forbes Dubbed Them The Must Have Office Toys of 2017

The Office / Via WiffleGif

In December 2016, Forbes noticed the trend just as it had begun. They called fidget toys "the cure for your nervous or bored energy", and they weren't far off. In their research, they tested the more expensive ones, but all fidget toys do pretty much the same things.

4. Their Prices Range from 3$ - 200$

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You can find fidget spinners in convenience stores on every street for as little as 3$. The fidget cubes are more expensive, because they have different functions on each side, but you can still get one for as little as 10$. However, I did see one on Amazon for $10,000,000,000, which I really hope was just a glitch.

5. They Help You Focus

The Voice / Via Pinterest

I know this because nobody gets more distracted or fidgety than I do, so I bought one before they gained popularity. I've noticed that the spinner is better for focus better because its one repetitive movement. The fidget cube is better for those that tend to, well, fidget a lot and need something to do with their hands besides bite their nails or scratch a surface. Either way, fidget toys center you. There's no evidence of it yet, but they seem to be great for those of us with ADHD, anxiety, autism, or OCD.

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