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13 Animals Who Need A Wake Up Call

And you thought you didn't have it together. At least these fuzzy faces don't have to answer to The Rock. Check out the people who do on TNT’s new series, Wake Up Call, Fridays @ 9/8c.

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1. This yawning sloth: / Via

Sloth, you should be in a tree, not on a blanket. What is going on with you lately?!

2. This lazy polar bear: / Via

You're being inappropriate, polar bear. Geez, get it together!

3. This monkey who cares more about the drink than anything else:

BBC, / Via

Your children, monkey. Think of your children!

4. These badg— oh wait, no, these zebras: / Via

Honey badger don’t care! Don’t you know that, zebras?! Wake up!

5. This dog who just can’t be bothered to stand:

You have to walk, dog. Get up!

6. This bun who's done:


Do not give up so easily, bunny! Come on!

7. This easily distracted red panda:

Red panda, that is just a light. A light, red panda. Open your adorable ginger eyes!

8. This really brave lizard: / Via

Seriously, lizard?! That is a lion. Wake up, you crazy.

9. This sleepy and cute but irresponsible pup: / Via

Where is your seat belt, puppy?! YOUR SEAT BELT.

10. This duck who’s been hitting the books too hard: / Via

Study breaks are allowed, duck. You'll make better grades if you take them. For real!

11. This surprised tiger: / Via

Hey. Hey, tiger. Wake u— oh whoa, hey, be chill!

12. This manipulative goat:


You have four legs, goat. Use them! And stop bullying that turtle. You know better!

13. These startled sheep: / Via


Think they need a hand? Check out TNT's new series, Wake Up Call, Fridays @ 9/8c to see The Rock really turn some lives around.

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