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The Top 3 Things On A Man’s Mind From Age 15-75

While I couldn’t hope to explain the complexities of what might go on inside a woman’s mind at any age, I happen to fit right smack dab in the middle of the list below and can therefore speak on the subject with some authority. We’re not particularly complicated creatures. You’ll notice a theme.

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Kate Upton / Via GQ

Age 15

1. Getting laid

2. Playing video games

3. Playing sports

Age 25

1. Getting laid

2. Drinking beer

3. Making money

Age 35

1. Getting laid

2. Making money

3. Watching sports

Age 45

1. Making money

2. Getting laid

3. Watching sports

Age 55

1. Making money

2. Watching sports

3. Getting laid

Age 65

1. Retirement

2. What’s for dinner?

3. Getting laid

Age 75

1. What’s for dinner?

2. Did I take my pill?

3. If #2 = Yes, getting laid

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